Cremation vs. Burial: A Guide to Knowing What is Right for You

Cremation vs. Burial: A Guide to Knowing What is Right for You
Many people often ponder about how they want to be remembered after they passed away. Which should I get – burial or a cremation?

Here is a list of what to consider:

•Saving Money

If the budget is the greatest concern, then cremation is the best option. Although it seems like it would be costly, it’s actually cheaper than preparing a burial. Getting a burial includes payment for embalming, a casket for the body and other significant terms for where the body will be buried. This is all a lot to deal with, compared to preparations for getting cremated.

The first is the cost for the crematorium services, followed by the container for it. It can be taken home with the family, left in the cemetery or scattered. In some parts of the world, scattering the ashes of a person is not allowed unless given permission. The payment should amount to what is done with the ashes, which is most likely less costly than getting a burial.

•Religion and Traditional Beliefs.

There are some spiritual practices in the death of a person that some religions require to do. These traditions may affect the choice of getting cremated or having a burial. Hinduism, for example, mandates cremation. In this situation, there isn’t a better choice.

CremationThis is the exact opposite to the Islam faith. For Muslims, it is forbidden to have any kind of practice for the body except for burial. It is because they have very strict rites. This usually includes a ritual for bathing and clothing the body, funeral prayers and burying the body in a specific position. These are the basic steps for the ceremony, but they usually differ depending on the region they come from.

Religion is a part of one’s individuality and must be respected. Just remember that in choosing the right option, everything about the individual should be considered, including his or her own traditions.

•Environmental Effects.

It is also important to think about the effects of your choice to the environment. Cremating has become increasingly popular, leading to even greater release of harmful gases that come from the burning body. Because of this, people are determined to find an alternative and most found burial to be the answer, but it is not exactly safe for the environment as well. Although it creates no air pollution and direct effects, it still involves the use of harsh chemicals to manage the green grass of cemeteries.

Doing this every day is not also good for the ground, where it can contaminate groundwater. However, comparing this to the effects of cremation makes it a minor problem, and is still effective as an alternative. It also has positive effects, such as keeping the soil fertile. People are still finding ways to improve it to benefit the environment, constantly eliminating the bad effects without disturbing the good ones.

•Personal Issues.

We are all individuals that cope differently to situations. Some people might have a fear from fire and do not like imagining themselves locked up in an incinerator. Being buried alive and being left to decompose might also be one of the common fears, or one might not care about at all.

Viewpoints such as these are part of our individuality, and are always considered when making the decision. The family’s opinion might also be important for a person. If one cannot make up his mind, then he can always seek the opinion of others who are close to him.
Take some time to get to know yourself and what you want to do. Just remember that it is a decision you should make, and not anybody else’s. It’s a good way of keeping your individuality until the very end.

7 Things a Good Keynote Speaker Does Not Forget

A speaker knows it is his job to inform an audience about a certain topic, entertain them to help drive home the topic effortlessly, and inspire them to take action in order to achieve a common purpose. A good keynote speaker, however, not only does his job well, but also applies these seven important ideas:

Stay Grounded

A good speaker knows he has no need of selling himself to his audience or to the event organizer. The fact that he was hired to give a keynote speech is enough to let his listeners know that he is the right person to inform and entertain them. Having said that, the speaker should focus instead on doing what he was called in to do, and that is to sell the theme of the event.

Knowledge Is Power

Keynote SpeakerKnowing beforehand the details of the event where he is invited to give a talk is another thing that a good speaker does not forget to do. He makes it a point to communicate with the event organizer, making sure that he is armed with as much information as he could possibly gather on the audience he will be addressing his speech to. This knowledge will serve the speaker well in knowing how to spark his audience’s interest, create the needed rapport to engage them in the discussion that will follow, and prompt them to take up on his call to actions.

Lighten Up

A great speech can inspire an audience to solve problems, as well as to reach a common goal. Still, any speech could use a good amount of humor. A good keynote speaker always remembers though, that inappropriate humor, even when used in a corporate event held in a relaxed setting, is still unacceptable.

Know When Enough Is Enough

Giving the audience too much information does not leave them in awe of the speaker’s broad knowledge on a certain topic; it actually makes them feel confused and bored. A good speaker knows enough that complicated presentations should be done away with, and that it is best to let his carefully crafted words do the work for him.

Variety Is the Spice of Life

Another thing that a good keynote speaker knows is that although certain topics may call for lengthy talks, others could require only short discourses; what really matters is that he paces his speech well for the benefit of his audience. He understands that painstakingly fleshing out the topic at hand will bore his audience, while a hurried pace only leaves them too tired to participate in the group discussion that he incorporates in his talk.

Keep It Real

A good speaker knows that the secret to being successful in his job of engaging his audience is to make a connection with them, and this can be achieved by making them feel that he is someone who can be trusted. The speaker is able to do just that by sharing a part of his self to his audience – letting them in on his past struggles, present successes, as well as his personal opinions.

Keep It Simple

A good speaker understands this one thing: he is only as good as his ability to make his audience leave the event, with a common purpose of putting into action the ideas he has conveyed to them. He is able to accomplish this by following this tried-and-tested method when speaking to his audience: 1) inform them beforehand about the topic of his speech; 2) discuss the said topic with them; and 3) explain everything he has discussed with them.

The entire audience leaves the event unified for a single purpose, all thanks to a good keynote speaker who did a great job.

A Brief History of Printed Circuit Boards

You may have seen, in one way or another, an electronic device opened up for repair. The flat board that holds the electronic components is called a printed circuit board or commonly known as the PCB. The PCB has patterns of thin copper lines or strips on one (or both) of its surfaces. This copper pattern acts like wires that connect together the electronic components that form the circuit.

Printed Circuit BoardsDuring the early years of electronics design, components were connected using a point-to-point method wherein sockets and wires are used to connect one component to another. Imagine the old telephone switchboard with all the wires dangling and exposed – that was what the old method of electronics connections looked like.

Although this method was effective, it was very inefficient because it was prone to constant breakdown as well as short circuits. Since wires and components are exposed to the elements, they are subject to wear and tear. They were made using materials like Masonite, and the electronic components would be attached by rivets and screws and then connected with wires.

In 1943, Paul Eisler, an inventor and engineer from the United Kingdom, came up with a method of etching copper foil onto a non-conductive flat material. This gave birth to the early forms of the printed circuit board. The idea started picking up during the Second World War, where the use of PCB proved essential in manufacturing communications modules and other important equipment.

The double-sided printed circuit board with plated through holes was invented in 1947, merely a couple of years after the war. With drilled holes and with both surfaces of the PCB having copper strips for connecting electronic components, it became easier to come up with circuit designs – this led to the production of smaller, more compact electronic devices.

The earlier PCBs had copper patterns on one surface or both surfaces of the board wherein electronic components are either soldered or riveted in place. Advancements in materials technology gave birth to printed circuit boards that are composed of multiple layers, with each layer having different copper strip patterns so more electronic components can be connected using a single board. During the 1980s, the surface mount technology was introduced and it revolutionized the electronics industry. Using the surface mount method, electronic components are stamped onto the board, eliminating the need to solder components.

Throughout the advances in miniaturization and large-scale integration, printed circuit boards have proven to be efficient and useful in electronics design. Electronic circuits have become smaller and even more efficient, which in turn led to lower production costs. Old computers that used to occupy a big room were reduced to a size that would fit a small table, despite having even more power. If it wasn’t for PCBs, electronic devices would be bulky and would occupy large rooms and areas. These devices will also generate too much heat and will be far from portable.

Today, printed circuit boards can be seen and used everywhere. From your mobile phone to your big flat screen television, PCBs have evolved through time. Miniaturization technology has led to the manufacture of densely-packed circuit boards. Future designs may even led to the production of 3-dimensional plastic boards that can hold more complex and denser webs of circuitry involving copper, aluminum, or gold strips; wires and embedded components would also be integrated in new, much more discreet ways.

All in all, printed circuit boards are expected to evolve, with both technology and advancements directing its development. Surely, the PCB industry will remain profitable for the foreseeable future; it might even become much more financially rewarding.



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Advancements in materials technology gave birth to printed circuit boards that are composed of multiple layers, with each layer having different copper strip patterns so more electronic components can be connected using a single board.

HCG Drops Help With Weight

Look into the lexicon of posts online and you are going to run into a lot of different things related to health and wellness. It seems like everyone has an opinion on the matter and it can get quite difficult to manage all the different pieces. If you are looking to lose weight, for instance, you are going to find yourself moving through the many different hurdles that come with many different solutions. Take for instance the latest “craze” diet, and you’re going to see that many people will swear by it right now. However, in a few months, it will be replaced by another option and then it will be replaced again down the line again. There’s so much movement in this arena that you are going to find yourself amidst a lot of ideas without knowing which is going to help you gain balance. It’s with that in mind that you should look into real hcg drops, and natural management of weight over time.

Lifestyle Changes Upfront

real hcg dropsThe first thing that you want to look into as a whole is how to start losing weight with diet. The things that you eat can help make or break your forward progress. If you’re looking at establishing the right elements, you have to take into consideration how this all works to either help you or not. In order to make gains here, you have to change things about what you put in your body. Take into consideration adding more fruits and vegetables and keep away from processed foods. Processed foods are going to kill your stride and could overwhelm your goals with lackluster results. Lifestyle changes like this are the beginning of what you need to go forward with, and definitely something that will give you a big push in the right direction. Just don’t go too extreme here, take your time, and you’ll make out just fine.

Sprinkling In Exercise

The one factor that is not going to change any time soon is that of exercise. You are going to find that this is one thing that millions of people are going to testify as part of a good way to lose weight. Yes, it can help you, but when you look at the bigger picture, you are going to need to do more than just this. You need to look into real hcg drops, and sprinkle in some exercise that is going to help you progress in the right arenas. Without the right arenas overall, you will not see the bigger picture at all and could end up dropping out of the areas that you want to traverse.

Aside from exercise, you have to help your body use the nutrients that you get from food, and supplements, to maximize your metabolic rate. Without metabolic rate spikes, you are not going to end up losing weight in the right manner. It’s something that takes a lot of time to build at first glance, but if you find the good supplements that abound, you will end up with something grand.

At the end of the day, you will want to mix balanced exercise and diet with real hcg drops. This will help you lose weight through the natural engagement of metabolic enzymes that burn through fat fast. Fat loss is something that can be seen as a difficult thing to maneuver through, but if you truly look into it in time, you will see that it’s actually a matter of balance. The balancing act that you push through will pay off down the line. Just look at adding metabolic enhancements and you’ll gain a good deal of results.

GW-501516: A Brief Background

GW-501516 is an investigational drug for the possible treatment of heart diseases, diabetes, dyslipidemia and obesity. Currently, laboratory experts can buy gw-501516 as a research compound as it is legitimate for clinical experiments only. The law strictly prohibits use of this drug in humans and animals alike.


It was in 1992 during a joint research between GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Ligand Pharmaceuticals when they found out about the drug. The laboratory study began in 2000 to discover the potential benefits of the drug for treating hyperlipidemia. GSK finished the two-phase laboratory trial, but discontinued further research in 2007.

Ronald Evans of the Salk Institute became interested in developing a drug which can significantly increase the physical stamina in humans. He started his research in 2004 when he bought a sample of the gw-501516. He instilled a higher dose in mice and resulted in their increase endurance.

Drug Use in Sports

gw-501516Ronald Evans foresees athletes possibly using the drug to enhance performance. The drug is popular as Endurobol and proliferates in the online market. Because GSK has published the chemical components of this drug, manufacturers took advantage of copying it and distributing it online. Retailers entice athletes to use this unauthorized drug for its capacity to intensify the endurance. Drug consumers believe that it burns fat and builds up muscles.

In 2009, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) listed the drug under the prohibited category. GSK agreed with WADA in 2011 to provide classified information about drugs in pre-clinical phase that it has potential to be abused by athletes.

Reports show that GW-501516 is available in unregulated markets for athletes and bodybuilders. WADA disclosed that there were sports players who tested positive for the drug in 2013. Valery Kaykov, a cyclist from Russia is the first athlete sanctioned in April 2013 due to illegal use of the substance. A month later, Miguel Ubeto of Venezuela received a suspension as a penalty for the same case. Another rider associated with the use of this banned chemical is Marlon Perez from Colombia.

WADA issued a warning not to buy gw-501516 in 2013 due to the drug’s carcinogenic effect. The announcement is not due to recent updates on clinical studies, but because of the alarming increase of users despite its prohibited status. They would like to ensure that the public receives the necessary precaution about the effects of GW-501516.

Laboratory Studies

Although sports ban this drug, it is legal to use in biomedical studies. Scientists and laboratories can buy gw-501516 at reputable online providers. At present, there are more than 200 studies of this drug to check for its benefits. The focus of the research is not on its bodybuilding effects, but on its therapeutic advantage.

The laboratory results in 2004 disclose that it has significantly decreased obesity. It was also on trial for increasing good cholesterol for dyslipidemia. However, the toxic side-effect of the drug prompted withdrawal of GSK from continued trials. Research reveals that the rats subjected to this drug, developed multiple organ tumor. Affected organs involve the tongue, thyroid, stomach, bladder, liver, ovaries, womb, testes and skin. With its current category as an experimental drug, humans should not buy gw-501516 to avoid putting their health in danger. To date, it has no approval as a therapeutic drug.

Australia conducted research in 2008 to evaluate the efficiency of the drug against high levels of blood cholesterol in obese and insulin resistant patients. The result shows no adverse side effects on the muscles and liver.

Clinical experiments on humans that started since 2003 have not exhibited any adverse reactions yet. This is possibly due to the short duration of exposure and very low dosage introduced to humans.

How To Create A Design Onto The Neck Lanyard

Whenever you need to wear an identification card and would need to keep it always visible, it is a difficult task if you are going to use an ordinary pin to keep it in place. It is rather troublesome to find the correct place where you will pin the identification card without making yourself look silly or a place where you will not lose it. Instead of using the conventional pin, your problem will be solved by using neck lanyards.

Neck lanyards are thick or thin cords worn around the neck which are made of flexible materials. It is commonly used to keep an identification card or an item visible at all times. In most cases, these lanyards are used to prevent an item from being lost or for you to be able to easily reach it when needed. These lanyards can either be worn around the neck or around your wrist.

Neck lanyardsOther than holding your identification card, there are still other items where you can use these lanyards. Another item where you can use this for is for your small mobile phone or smart phone. There are times that you would need to use your smart phone immediately and wearing it around your neck using a lanyard will make it faster for you to pick it up. Lanyards can also be used for keys or proximity badges.

Neck lanyards are usually visible during special events too. In some special events like bazaars, exhibits, and seminars, identification must be clearly visible at all times. These lanyards are used to hold cards or badges to clearly identify a person. It can also hold name tags to know the name of the person together with the area he or she is assigned to. These lanyards also come with the name and logo of the event itself and acts like a souvenir for the participants.

A regular neck lanyard is usually 36 inches long and set into a loop so that a person’s head can easily pass through it. These lanyards also come in different widths like ½ inches, ¾ inches, 1 inch, and can even go as thick as 3 inches, depending on where it will be used and the user’s preferences. The width of the lanyard will determine how the user would want the design to be imprinted directly onto the lanyard. These lanyards also come in different colors as well.

When adding a design onto the neck lanyards, there are a few methods which are regularly used:

• Silkscreen Method.

This method uses a pattern printed over a silkscreen which is held in place by a solid wooden frame. The design is placed over the lanyard by spreading paint all over the design and the silkscreen. Afterwards, the pattern will be lifted and the design will be transferred directly onto the lanyard. This method is a very quick process. However, if it is done incorrectly, the design will not be transferred or will not stick properly onto the lanyard.

• Dye Sublimation Method.

Using this method, the design is printed as part of the fabric itself, not on the top of the fabric. This method allows the use of multiple colors as well as complicated designs. The user can even choose to have multiple designs on one lanyard only. Fading, which is a common issue for most lanyards, will not be an issue with the dye sublimation method.

• Woven Method.

Two different colors of polyester are woven together to create a different design of lanyard. The design, once finished, will be permanent. However, since the design is woven onto the lanyard, only a name or simple short message can be visible; complicated designs like logos, graphics or long messages are highly discouraged when using this method.

Work with a Long Island Foreclosure Lawyer to Avoid Foreclosure

Facing a pending foreclosure can be a bit scary and so stressful especially when thinking that you could possibly lose your home. But there are options to consider, of course, to avoid foreclosure. One of these is to work with your lender to have your mortgage modified. Increase your chance of obtaining the best possible terms by working with a reputable Long Island foreclosure lawyer.

Generally, banks make profit by collecting interests from the money they lend. Once a home is foreclosed, banks tend to resell the house for an amount value that is less than what has been owed to them. Since it could be problematic for lenders to maintain the dwelling in good condition while waiting for it to be resold, they are often convinced to modify certain elements of a mortgage in order for the homeowner to continue paying for the house and keep his home.

Loan Modification

Long Island foreclosure lawyerWhile it is possible for you to negotiate with the lender, having a Long Island lawyer can make a big difference in the result of your foreclosure case especially in getting fair terms with the lender. It is to your advantage to be assisted by a legal expert who is experienced in convincing lenders to renegotiate mortgage terms that could be favorable for you, considering your current situation.

Such changes to your mortgage loan may be comprised of the following:

  • Interest rate reduction
  • Extension of mortgage duration
  • Elimination or lessening of fees for delayed payments and non-payment penalties
  • Cutback in monthly payments
  • Leniency to temporarily suspend or stop paying monthly payments
  • Arrangement of a repayment plan for delayed or missed mortgage payments

Any of the above listed possible loan modifications could help reduce your monthly payments and help you keep your home at an affordable value. In some cases, the principal value is being reduced to bring the money borrowed closer to the current home value. The entire loan modification process can be so daunting especially if you are not versed in foreclosure defense law or if you do not have experience in negotiating for a loan modification that could be favorable for you.

A Long Island foreclosure lawyer can work with you and the bank or lender to get good terms and affordable monthly payments for you. The primary goal of a foreclosure lawyer who specializes in loan modification is to avoid foreclosure and make mortgage payments affordable. So, if you are having a hard time to pay your home mortgage, have an attorney at your side to avoid losing your home.

Contact a Long Island Foreclosure Attorney

If you have questions concerning loan modifications, contact a law firm or find yourself a Long Island foreclosure lawyer who would be pleased to assist you during troubled times. Speaking with someone who has expertise in handling foreclosure issues can help you attain proper solutions for your problems.

With the guidance of a Long Island foreclosure defense lawyer, you do not have to think what documents could be necessary for your case or what options could be available for you to save your home, saving you much time and confusions. A foreclosure attorney can also help you discharge your debts, save assets that are important for you and stop lenders from chasing or harassing you. Availing the services of a foreclosure attorney is definitely worth the money.

If thinking about attorney fees is what stopping you or causing you delays to consult a Long Island foreclosure lawyer then you should be informed that you could get more than what you would pay for legal help. Getting the right legal assistance will not just increase your chance of keeping your home but will also help minimize the risk of being reported to credit bureaus.

A Long island foreclosure lawyer allows homeowners to assert their rights and oppose a foreclosure proceeding by engaging in litigation defense strategies.

Consider Homes for Sale Long Island When You Begin Raising a Family

If you are ready to settle down and would like to have your own family, then it is best to consider homes for sale Long Island when you begin raising a family. It is always more advantageous to have a place of your own than renting. Long Island can easily give the right kind of environment for the children to grow and young couples who are starting out are very satisfied with the things that the place can provide. Long Island is simply the right choice for a young family to have a home that they can call their own.

Things to Expect in Long Island

Long Island has more than 400 miles of beach coastline, blooming nightlife, gorgeous parks – just perfect for young families. There are magnificent castles, mansions, and buildings rich with historical value.

Its beaches are well known all over the world for the long stretches of sand as well as fresh clean waters. You can be certain that your family will surely enjoy living a healthy lifestyle as you all stroll along the stretches of sand, take a brisk walk in the waters, and more.

There are also zoos, shopping outlets, gym and sports facilities in Long Island. You don’t need to go very far to bring your children to places that you all will surely enjoy and appreciate. Buying one of the homes for sale Long Island will surely bring you more benefits than you can think of.

Everywhere you go you can see that there are crimes happening and unfortunately it is one of the signs of times. One of the good things about Long Island is that the crime rate is relatively low compared to most places and they are not as severe as the other communities.

There are also lots of good schools in Long Island – private or public. In fact, some of its schools are included in the list of excellent schools in the United States and probably the world.

homes for sale Long IslandMost people who go to work in New York City choose to settle down in Long Island because it is near and at the end of the day they get to enjoy nothing but sheer relaxation when they get home – bustles and hustles of busy New York do not reach Long Island. Usually, the children are not making any ruckus anymore during that time (if you have one or two of your own already) and you get to enjoy the relaxation that you deserve.

Long Island also provides convenient means of transportation to get you to your destination in no time at all.

Most communities in Long Island are eco-friendly and that only means that all people make sure to keep their community that way and your whole family should too.

There are also excellent cafes and restaurants in Long Island when you suddenly feel an urge to treat the whole family and dine out. There are cultural venues and historic sites to visit and everyone will surely enjoy doing things with the entire family.

Long Island offers low cost of living that first-time home buyers and young families find very attractive. If you are one of them, then you will surely be thankful that you have decided to invest in Long Island.

There are still lots of things that Long Island can offer but it is time for you to discover them yourself. Settle down in one of the homes for sale Long Island and enjoy looking at the bigger picture.

Why Are Golf Clubs So Expensive

One of the common complaints of aspiring golfers and beginners about the sport is that it can get very expensive. The bills for private lessons, golf course memberships, and caddy services can quickly add up to thousands of dollars. Even golf shoes and apparel can also cost a pretty penny since they are specialized. However, beginners can still try their hand at golf without paying for the aforementioned items provided that they have access to golfing equipment.

discount golf clubs

Unfortunately, golfing equipment can still be quite expensive, so aspiring golfers and beginners often scout for discount golf clubs since good quality golf clubs can cost upwards of hundreds of dollars on retail. Good discount golf clubs often have similar features, can be good as new (if they were only slightly used by their previous owner), and only cost about a fraction of the price. Thus, this brings many people to the question, why are golf clubs so expensive to begin with?

Premium golf clubs are often expensive due to a number of factors, some of which are discussed below:

Golf club designs are usually patented, especially if they are made by brand name companies. This is to make sure that any revolutionary or cutting-edge golf club designs aren’t easily copied by competitors. A great deal of research and development often goes into the making of each patent, and the costs associated with such are very substantial.

Quality golf clubs, especially the ones that were made to last, are made with high-quality materials such as stainless steel, beta titanium, and carbon steel. And often, a considerable amount of the said material is required to make a solid golf club head. Stainless steel, beta titanium, and carbon steel don’t come cheap, so the elevated raw materials cost would subsequently drive the retail price of the golf club up. Discount golf clubs as well as the golf clubs found in junior or beginner sets are often made out of cheaper, less durable materials such as zinc or steel, which result in golf clubs that can’t withstand the rigors of play for very long.

Premium golf clubs are under warranty, and often come with good return policies and options. Thus, the cost of replacing defective golf clubs with brand new premium golf clubs is also factored in to the retail price of brand name golf clubs. Some defective discount golf clubs, on the other hand, don’t usually come with such and their manufacturers or retailers often point out the drastically reduced prices as a justification for the absence of a warranty.

First-rate golf clubs are often produced by manufacturing companies with tighter controls over the sourcing and production of their product lines. Thus, they tend to hire more people to take care of the process and doing so involves investing in their training on the subject.

Quality golf clubs also come with custom fittings, which are designed by highly-qualified (and highly-paid) specialists and are produced using sophisticated machinery and processes, as well as high-quality and costly raw materials. Discounted low-quality golf clubs usually lack this characteristic.

Premium golf clubs are often the first to benefit from advanced technology, and have the most updated features. Breakthroughs in golf equipment technology are often patented, especially at the onset, and are thus not that easy (or that affordable) to replicate or acquire. Discounted golf clubs are often outdated or old-fashioned models, as other manufacturers who can’t afford to pay to use the patent have to wait a while for the patent to expire.

Retailers that sell quality golf clubs also opt for locations in good environments and with a good degree of security. Thus, the high rent charged in such locations often trickle down to the retail prices of their merchandise.

Discount golf clubs as well as the golf clubs found in junior or beginner sets are often made out of cheaper, less durable materials such as zinc or steel, which result in golf clubs that can’t withstand the rigors of play for very long.

How Soldiers Earn Custom Military Coins

Military members often go the extra mile beyond their duties. They intend to deliver their best in any situation that calls for their service. This attribute of soldiers is an essential factor in their ability to provide excellent service to their unit and the entire nation. In return, the military as well as the government have to recognize all the efforts and hard work given by these soldiers. One of the best ways for appreciating and acknowledging the exceptional acts of military members is by awarding custom military coins to them. This type of coins is also commonly known as unit coins, commander coins and challenge coins. Regardless of the term used to refer to these coins, they hold a great deal of essence to soldiers. They symbolize respect, unity, camaraderie and honor.

custom military coins

The officer of a unit or division is the one who usually awards military challenge coins to deserving members of the military. Perhaps the commanding officer is the one responsible for giving recognition to soldiers who show exceptional acts of service. Soldiers who are committed to providing genuine service to their fellow citizens deserve to be awarded with these valuable military challenge coins. They fight for the country’s freedom and safety despite knowing that they might lose their lives in the process. In this essence, the government has to find something of high significance to give back these courageous men and women in the military.

Awarding custom military coins is an excellent means of showing the gratitude of the country and the citizens to these brave soldiers. It is a more meaningful way of saying “thank you” than verbal expression or a handshake. These military challenge coins can last a lifetime with their meaning to soldiers. They can even last longer than the life of the soldiers who earned them as they are usually given to the family of fallen comrades. Soldiers who lost their lives in battles can take their pride and honor to their grave. On the other hand, members of the military who are able to complete their service usually come back home with prized possessions. These belongings can include wedding rings, photographs, dog tags and of course, military challenge coins.

Custom military coins are especially designed for the specific application, mission or unit. They are crafted with certain colors, sizes, shapes and even materials. This is necessary in order to represent efficiently the particular application they are designed for. As they are typically awarded for a certain achievement or event, their design should be appropriate for a particular function. For example, a basic battalion military challenge coin is awarded specifically to the command sergeant who represents a certain battalion. In addition, the superior in a unit, perhaps the commanding officer has the ability to add his personal preference in terms of the design of the military coins. The commanding officer can add the name and rank of the person who awards the challenge coins. All military challenge coins have specific design as to whom or which they are awarded.

It is true that only members of the military who have high positions have great chances of acquiring custom military coins. However, soldiers who do not have high positions can also earn these challenge coins if they would persevere and show exceptional efforts. The Post Exchange is the body that awards custom military challenge coins to members of the military who deliver excellent performance during their duty. Another good way on how regular soldiers can acquire military challenge coins is from officers from another chain of command.

Though the most common instance is that the officer within a certain chain of command is the one who awards military challenge coins to his soldiers, an officer from a different chain of command can also award custom military coins to soldiers from another chain of command. This can happen if an officer is observant with the performance of not only the soldiers within his unit but also the soldiers from other units. The officer can request recognition for the deserving soldier who shows outstanding acts.